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Great for home remodels and repairs

Looking to do a kitchen upgrade, improve a bathroom, or take out a wall? Great. We can help with that.

Great for home buying and selling

When an inspection report or real estate agent says that improvements or repairs are needed, an accurate estimate can save you thousands. A VidBid is that source of truth.

COVID-19 ready by design – Estimates are 100% contactless.

Serious value

No on-site visits

It’s difficult or impossible to get an accurate estimate without having a contractor on-site. On-site visits require you to be home, and they can take days, weeks, or more to find, schedule, and follow-through.

Multi-estimate accuracy

A VidBid is roughly equivalent to five professionals coming on-site and providing you detailed estimates, which you combine into one.

Considerate estimates

No wasted time for contractors. On-site visits are loss leaders for contractors that take hours and have a real cost without any guarantees.

No up charging

Contractors often increase estimates according to the homeowner’s location and perceived affluence.