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Smart homeowners are accurately pricing their remodel by recording a short video with this online tool.

When refinishing a bathtub, how much does it cost a homeowner to purchase an entire bathtub and refinish the original?

The tub needs to be removed from the existing bathroom, which means the tile work around the tub has to come out.

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The basic cost of the project is:

  • Disruptions to electrical and plumbing which can be costly

  • Resistance for the plumbing

Replacement of inspections (wife will have to delay spa routine and glued tile ceiling which may slow down the move)

Other costs will be:

  • Remodel the bathrooms

  • Final payment to the contractor and sub-contractors ( avenue may need to be close to fixtures or flooring, bathroom).

  • If a bathtub leaks, there is no unlikeliness to believe the cost is in the thousands of dollars to repair.

  • To refinish a tub (which we routinely do as our primary service) the time it takes to build is not longer than a few days.

Remodel a bathroom

We have typically completed a room of approximately 4-5 baths in under 11 months. The time required to complete the job is based on a variety of factors that we determine in our bids. Other factors are the size of the intended room, dead or soft wall lines, plumbing lines, vanity size, tile color, and square feet. Also, we can use fewer permits. We typically do between a 3-5 day on a go, after sub-contracting the demolition, before sub-contracting the home theater equipment, and before we finish the carpentry.

We are not designed to be a demolition only company. Our customers are journeymen carpenters, with typically some experience in the carpentry industry.

We sell just as many homes as we complete during our careers. When replacing a kitchen, bathroom, or adding square feet, we can expect to make about the same return on investment, depending of course, on home size and market conditions.

We own our sub-contractor equipment, we refill the tank on the truck before it runs to your home with only you getting up on the roof.

We contain our costs in our contract. This allows us to monitor our costs, which allows us to better manage our expenses without having to worry about what will happen once we begin work. We can be gainfully employed in all aspects of some of the larger jobs we have completed.

We can contract specific portions or parts to be contracted when costs have been minimal. Our cost estimate will show the full costs that we expect to have, regardless of cost on the front end.

It is harder to find an honest, stubbed informal estimated price of a remodel or repair. It is much easier to determine what you will end up with and how much your remodel or repair will likely cost, based on how you communicate with the contractor.

It is neither easy nor cheap to find out exactly how much a remodel or repair is going to cost. It is up to the homeowner to ask questions, to directly see the scope of work being done, and to determine exactly how much money it is going to cost.

You open the door of communication and explain the work you would like to be done and your price needs to be accepted.

There needs to be a contract of what is expected to happen. References not only Thyc verbal secured, but written agreement are the only way a homeowner can make sure that the contractor delivering the expected results will be providing just what is expected, at a price he can be expected to pay.

What are you going to expect?

You give the contractor a written scope of work, expecting them to have a completed drawing (a written schematic of the work), with the exact items, numbers, schedules, and end dates. The contractor should also provide you with a detailed cost of effort, start, and completion dates.

  • In what order the work is to be completed?

  • Is the work scheduled in phases?

  • Who will be supplying the needed items?

  • Who will be supervising?

  • Are you responsible for purchasing permits?

  • When can the work begin?

  • What time excess time will I have? ( illnesses, on-site injured, or death will affect construction schedules.

Smart homeowners are accurately pricing their remodel by recording a short video with this online tool.

The time will dictate the types of subcontractors needed and their availability, such as plumbing, flooring, retail, etc.)

  • Sulfur for septic tank maintenance

  • Electrical wiring, computer hookups, etc

  • How will you maintain my new water supply?

Depending on the size of the project, your contractor may be responsible for installing a new solid, hot, and cold water supply line. This will include locating the main water shutoff value for your home, with electric, gas, or town water lines.