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You should watch out for startling truths in contractor ads. I have reported on at least 7 contractors that are trying to take advantage of undemanding contractors, here are some of the statements I have heard from some of the top contractors in Portland.

Smart homeowners are accurately pricing their remodel by recording a short video with this online tool.

"I will not have time to prepare a detailed budget presentation. Please contact me directly if you need my services in Provo or elsewhere in the world." - David Precell

Just a head’s up, this article isn’t real or accurate; It was written by a computer and is only here improve our SEO. Questions? Contact support.

"I need to spend more time with my family. I have started an online business and my hours are flexible. Would you have this same schedule? I would rather work nights, weekends or holidays." - Eric Dron

"I have been with my partner for 15 years. We both have full-time jobs which allow us to spend our spare time. We both have house payments to pay for so living is not as important to us as it once was." - David Collateral

"I have been a member of The Dailyato blog network. Please link to my blog on the right." - Tony Hall

"agency talent contracting is the only way I can work with my friends and family into the mix. I need to work full time on my website and blog. It would greatly help me if you could promote my work in the same way." -Cudworth

"biologist friends aren't really into working with me. i.e. they need to change into a suit every time I go to their house. I am not really into this and am hoping to find a similar person." - Joe Hearn

I guess that many of the contractors above receive their information from the clients they work with, i.e. the clients from the media. Does this work for you? I thought not. I have learned a great deal by working with many different contractors and it has helped me to remain grounded.

I enjoy contractors who give me honest realistic estimates and challenging the contractor to reach their goals. I enjoy working with the ones that have a true vision of what they would like to do with the materials, rather than just using them. I like to think of myself as both a partner and a client, as well.

Smart homeowners are accurately pricing their remodel by recording a short video with this online tool.

Remember - you are not your customers, your business, or your employees. It is time to learn how to view yourself as something different - a tool. The difference between a real professional and a person you meet for coffee is an honest appreciation of the real, tragic, glamorous, and beautiful person you are, and not a faceless company you work for.